There are certain software-development-related items that are hard to search for if you don’t already know what theyare / that they exist – this page stores things I find.


commits starting with emoji

I thought this was behaviour by one particular Windows client – I thought it was “GitLab for Windows”, but that doesn’t seem to exist.

There’s an attempt to make a standard at GitMoji, among other places.

feat(X), fix(X) in Git Commits

This is Angular’s commit message format: <type>(<scope>): <summary>. Some projects take a subset of the types, exclude the scopes, and possibly have different rules for capitalisation or ending with a period.

This was standardised as Conventional Commits, which offers automated semantic versioning / changelogs.

JavaScript / TypeScript

Angular / Typescript version requirements


npx is a tool you can use to execute the version of a package installed in the node_modules folder, instead of on the system. Good for things like mocha, eslint, uglifyjs.


Screen Recording

For the terminal, asciinema. You might then want to convert to SVG (e.g. using svg-term-cli, or anything linked from there), for cleanly-zoomable text.

For a simple screen recording, I like ScreenToGif.

For a screen recording that shows the keys you press, there’s keycast, but the one used on most places I see looks different so there must be more.

That Tool That Gives You a URL So You Can Expose a Server on your Local Machine

It’s ngrok.